TEJOBREAKS is Lisbon's breakbeat clubnight.

Updated June 15, 2006


You didn't really expect us to spend the summer in dark and smokey night clubs while we could sit at the beach and breathe the sweet summer air of 2006, did you? Right. That's why TEJOBREAKS will be on holiday until end of summer when we'll be back again with a massive line-up to celebrate with you! So, stay put and keep a close eye on our newsletter - see below for info on how to sign up if you haven't done so yet.

To ease your pain until then we have a little surprise for you: We browsed through all our TEJOBREAKS party photos and put them on Flickr - for you to see! Click below or surf to http://www.flickr.com/photos/tejobreaks to see 200 pics of you and your friends having a great time!

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TEJOBREAKS is Lisbon's breakbeat clubnight. With a non-stop mix of grooving beats, breaks and wicked remixes international djs meet up with local resident Mário Valente and initiator dj Para Pilotos to shake Lisbon's dancefloors. If not a special TEJOBREAKS night happens to hit Lisbon, you can listen to the sound of TEJOBREAKS dj Para Pilotos on various other events. Just check back frequently to stay tuned with the news!


TEJOBREAKS vol. 1 - beats made to break took off first on November 22nd, 2003 at Lounge with a massive gig of djane Danii (chillfuck / Berlin) and djs Para Pilotos (TEJOBREAKS / Munich / Lisbon), Mário Valente (Panda Ball / Lisbon) and Orange (HME / Lisbon). Danii had to face the crowd shouting "encore" when she had to end her set at 4.00 am in the morning. [flyer]

TEJOBREAKS vol. 2 - mash up this town! rocked the Lounge's dancefloor on February 21st, 2004. With dj Ralf Brand (soundkilla / Munich) in the mix with Para Pilotos (TEJOBREAKS / Munich / Lisbon) and Mário Valente (Panda Ball / Lisbon) there was no escape from the freshest Nu Skool Breaks in town. [flyer]

TEJOBREAKS vol. 3 - The Berlin bash on 23 April 2004 was awesome! DJane T-Ina (Femmes with Fatal Breaks, Berlin) rocked the packed place until the early morning! Before her 2 hour set DJs Mário Valente (Panda Ball, Lisbon) and Para Pilotos (TEJOBREAKS, Munich/Lisbon) showed  how to get a crowd moving and grooving. [flyer]

TEJOBREAKS vol. 4 - Let´s get electrified! on 18 June 2004 was Lisbon's fourth night exclusively dedicated to breakbeat music. We had Italian dj ACME (breaks.it) flewn in from Madrid to celebrate with a nice crowd all night long. With him kept Mário Valente (Panda Ball, Lisbon) and Para Pilotos the hands in the air (TEJOBREAKS, Munich/Lisbon). [flyer]

TEJOBREAKS vol. 5 - Winterwonderland on 30 December 2004  led DJ E-1000 from cold, cold Sweden to our lovely and heart-warming clubnight. Playing back-2-back with Para Pilotos, the crowd could enjoy an night full of driving breaks and beats. [flyer]

TEJOBREAKS vol. 6 - Chew The Fat! on 26 February 2005 was a highlight in the brief history of breakbeat in Portugal. "Best Newcomer" (International Breakbeat Awards 2004) and nice pal Friendly (Fat! Records/UK) came from London to play a kicking set at Lounge. The crowd got warmed up by ping-pong set played by Para Pilotos and Mário Valente. A night to remember!

TEJOBREAKS vol. 7 - Hello summer! on 08 April 2005 was a first embrace of this year's summer. Long awaited dj Marinelli came all the way from Berlin, Germany, to spin some delighting tunes with Para Pilotos and Mário Valente. No doubt Marinelli's track selection was a fresh breeze in Lisbon's lounge! [flyer]

TEJOBREAKS vol. 8 - Breaks are back! on 09 September 2005 was the first event after a long, hot summer break. To celebrate in style we had straight from Berlin Danii who already headlined the first TEJOBREAKS party in 2003. It's safe to say that the sounds were pleasing the crowd and got some people into the groove... Sharing the stage with her were residents Para Pilotos and Mário Valente. [flyer]

TEJOBREAKS vol. 9Soundtrack 2006 hit Lisbon on 27th of January, 2006. Lounge was set in fire by a set from dj Periférico (Brazil), member of the legendary Telepathique act. With him Mário Valente and Senhor Pelota packed tune affter tune on the decks and didn't stop until early morning. You missed it? You shouldn't have! [flyer]

TEJOBREAKS vol. 10Listen to London on 10 March, 2006 saw breaks queen Tigerlily with a driving set of fresh breaks sounds from London. At her side we met residents Mário Valente and Para Pilotos doing a proper warm-up. [flyer]


TEJOBREAKS is a platform for breakbeat acts and artists. Though our homebase is Portugal, we prefer a global view of the things. With a very promising clubnight at hand, we are steadily trying to get the most interesting bookings from all over the world. 

If you feel like supporting TEJOBREAKS with ideas, sounds, artwork or just a nice comment - get in touch!

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